Creator of the original “Lemonade” single, with support from industry execs and fans across the country, Daniel Revel walked away from it all...

He listened to what others said - music is “just” a dream, get a “Real” job - and let the insecurities of growing up get the better of him.

Not anymore. Daniel Revel’s committed to making dreams reality.

After quitting his desk job in 2012, Daniel traveled to far away lands to learn more about himself & others. What he didn’t expect, was that it’d bring him right back to where he started - making music. The passion he had been searching for, had been there all along.

His juxtaposing influences - nomadic cariño & City grit - collide in his songwriting, as if Paul Simon produced his first record while backpacking with (the old;) Kanye. And so, 2018 will be the year Daniel Revel returns, with his first full-length release, Chinatown Sounds. 

What began as a single photo he shot in his NYC neighborhood, Chinatown Sounds explores the feeling of being Always Foreign, Always at Home. Daniel Revel has found the beauty in being both, and hopes his music will inspire the same in others.

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